Sad Stories & Cautionary Tales

by Gabriel Goldstein

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released November 3, 2011



all rights reserved


Gabriel Goldstein New Orleans, Louisiana

Gabriel grew up in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains, and later moved west where he played with SF indie favorite Sweet Crude Bill & the Lighthouse Nautical Society. His music reflects the concerns of modern living while striving for a simpler, less fragmented existence, a contemporary country folk blues. He currently lives in New Orleans, eking out a menial living to support his art. ... more

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Track Name: Watching Movies on TV
There's no bears up in the hills
why would there be?
only to be hanging with RVs
we're all hanging with RVs

There's no people in the street
why would there be?
only to dodge cars
we're all dodging cars

There's no lovers in the bars
why would there be?
they're all at home watching movies on tv
we're all watching movies on tv

And it's hard to keep a steady pace
When your boots are full of mud
We can't undo what's been done
And it seems to me the history
of us spinning round the sun
is trying to turn gold back into lead

There's no diamonds in the rough
why would there be?
they're all stuck on ladies rings
we're all stuck on ladies rings

There's no poetry in songs
why would there be?
it's all used in advertising
we're all used in advertising


There's no bears up in the hills
why would there be?
they're all at home watching movies on tv
Track Name: Oceans and Islands
Sitting down by the bay
watching airplanes come in
they’re floating on air, passing me by.
Looking out at far off mountains,
things we cannot touch.
Oceans and islands are all
that lie between us.

The cost of love
is getting higher every day
I don’t know when I will be willing to pay.
People come from somewhere else,
then they move on.
I hope when I get back
what we had won’t be long gone.

Hitching down the Sterling highway,
tryin’ out my luck.
People take me in their cars, take me away.
How could it be, that I met you
right when I was gonna leave?
Was I wrong, not to change my plans?
Tell me that I can believe in you.

Light from above, lead me my way,
make me feel new
as time comes crashing in on me.
Track Name: My Mallary Blues
Ever since you let me down,
didn’t want to go nowhere with nobody.
I’ve been driving around.
Got nowhere to go but I can’t slow down.

We had a good day then,
lying on a blanket by the riverside
reading Tennessee Williams, doing all the parts,
in the fading light- it wasn’t so bad.
Was it so bad?

Guess I’ll drive back up the coast,
it’s a long way from San Diego up to San Francisco.
I’ll take a few days,
let the wind blow across my face.

And I don’t know just what I did wrong
but you’re telling me the feeling’s gone away.
I tried to hear what you had to say
you said a lot of words but I didn’t understand a thing.

Nowhere to go but I can’t slow down
I can’t slow down. Down, I can’t slow down.

Ever since you let me down,
didn’t want to go nowhere with nobody.
I’ve been driving around.
Track Name: A Spare Key
I’m looking for something
that’s not so hard to find
like a locked door with
a spare key you left me outside.

I’ve been feeling like
I’m lost in a maze
waiting for someone to
show me the way out of this place.
And I don’t want to hear no from you no more.

I saw your picture
the other day
and it hit me in the heart
like a laser beam x-ray.

You said you had a bad dream
and you cut up your feet
you were lost in a tangled mess
of your own tracks.
If I were some kind of hero I would rescue you
but I don’t know if you’d even want me to.

And so I called out
from my dream to yours
I could hear your voice so clearly.
I didn’t tell you but you’re still my muse
can you hear me singing, just for you?
And I don’t want to hear no from you no more.

I’m looking for something
but it’s so hard to find
your door is locked
but there’s no spare key left outside.
Track Name: Jump Right In
When the world doesn’t seem
as magic as before
and you don’t think something’s waiting
behind the next door;
when the brakes have gotten squeaky
and the rotors start to rub
you must lay aside your armor, it’s time to fall in love.
Lay aside your armor, fall in love.

When the radio only plays
songs you already heard
and the people who write newspapers
are repeating every word;
when your records are all skipping
and the needle starts to bend
throw down all your lances, it’s time to make a friend.
Throw down all your lances, make a friend.

When the water tastes like butter
and there’s nothing left to win
and the signs at the ocean
all advise you not to swim;
when the outboard motor’s tangled
and the ropes are wearing thin
forget about the radar, it’s time to jump right in.
Forget about the radar, jump right in.

When your frustrations become
a nest into which you climb
and you’re not sentimental
for the things you left behind;
when the audience is restless
and they’re ready to walk out
you must be your own conductor, stand up and take a bow.
Be your own conductor, take a bow.
Track Name: The Goosefight Song
Seems like everywhere I go,
there’s got to be a goose fight
who can honk the loudest,
and run with their beak stuck out the farthest.

You’re making a racket over there
where you’re having your goose fight;
talking crazy but you just don’t know.

Seems like everywhere I go,
there's got to be a goose fight
feathers get ruffled
and you know they have plenty to say about it.

Seems a goose got in to another one’s nest;
second goose got to have his revenge.

We're all trying to get along
but you gotta have your goose fight
big goose is proud
but the little goose got to be the proudest.

So you pluck a couple feathers off the top of his head;
watch out goose, you're bound to end up dead.
Track Name: On the Right Side
I’m on the right side of the coin
but the wrong side of the track;
don’t know where I’m goin’
but I’m never coming back.

There’s a million hungry people
standing out there on the street.
They’re calling out for help,
Lord they want something to eat.
But they shouldn’t stand there too long
not twenty minutes more,
or the blue boys come and get ‘em
and ship ‘em off to war, boys, ship ‘em off to war.

It’s a bloody nasty business
governing a country that’s so big;
and it’s hard to feed the skinny sheep
when you got a hungry pig.

Ain’t tryin’ to point no finger,
I don’t know who to blame,
and if I were in their fancy shoes,
I’d probably do the same.
Don’t got no diplomas, I’m no educated man
but I try to do my best Lord,
try to do the best I can, Lord, do the best I can.

And the world is so confusing,
my brain goes round and round.
I don’t know where I’m standing,
each day when the sun goes down.

I’m on the right side of the coin
but the wrong side of the track;
don’t know where I’m going
but I’m never coming back.
But I shouldn’t stand here too long,
not twenty minutes more
or the blue boys come and get me,
and ship me off to war, boys, ship me off to war.
Track Name: Manual
We’re learning to love
but we’re growing attached
to the past we hold on to
but we can’t have that back.

You can learn how to love
by taking your time
cause everything changes
and ends in the blink of an eye,
and so we must try- to let it roll past.

I’m learning to love
by letting you be
cause you’re your own little universe
perfectly free and alive
you’re whole without me, so I can just let you be.

We’re learning to love
and to find the divine
in the calm of a moment
and the sound of the wind through the pines
and it’s telling us why- we’ll be just fine.
Track Name: Rainy Day Valdez
Nate and I could drive ninety-five
let the states fly by, throw the beer cans outside.
On our backs we’d lie, in a field all night
looking at stars, twinkle and shine.
Were they UFO’s? We’ll never know,
but I don’t see him around any more.

Jerry and I could talk all night
let our legs hang over the edge of the roof.
We’d make a fire, in a clearcut field
drink some beers, he never could sleep.
Talk of mysteries like chaos
and why did his mama drink so much
but I don’t see him around any more.

Matt and I had our own band
playing guitars by the Rivanna River.
We’d sit in his car, in a cul-de-sac
get so high, I thought we’d never come back.
And we’d just laugh and laugh and laugh
at the sounds a bird would make,
but I don’t see him around any more.

As time goes by, I realize
the rules have changed but I'm still the same.
Life got strange, and rearranged;
these friends I had are far away.
They live in different countries or
they’re living with their wives
or they’re real into cocaine.
I guess we’ve all grown up somehow
but they’re still with me now
although the rules have changed I’m still the same,
and I hope I see them around some day.
Track Name: Pink Balloon
I found a length of string and pink balloon,
that had escaped one past June
and made it all the way to Nevada.

It left a birthday party,
when all the children were singing
now it watches the tumbleweeds pass.
And it made a fine sight
on the desert floor saying
I had a good ride and I fell where I lay

I found a reindeer tied to a fence post,
people said it had been there for years
on the side of the highway in Alaska.

It came from a herd way up north,
now it's chained up like a captive
in hopes that the tourists would stop.
And it made a sad sight
on the highway side saying
I just want to run let me fall where I may.

Oh, to soar through the air
knowing that gravity never fails.
And oh, to go on the run
when you don't know if it's over or maybe just begun.

They say an explosion formed the world,
and it left us out here spinning
made it all the way to right now.

And we're all a little bit captive,
but we dream of an escape
watching these moments go by.
And the earth makes a fine sight
way out here spinning
sayin' have you a good ride
it'll all end someday.